Two decades of revolution have changed the game for workplaces, homes, and schools. Computers, smartphones, tablets, computer games, the internet, on-demand viewing, and social networks have all played a huge part in connecting the world and making so many tasks, physically simple. There are obvious benefits to this revolution, however, the major drawback is that we have to be more proactive to live an active lifestyle. This post looks at some simple ways to walk more and reap the benefits of walking for health.

Set A Target

The absolute first thing to do if you want to increase your activity is to set a target. Setting a target will give you something to manage, something to aim for, and something to build upon. When walking you can set leverage several metrics including distance, speed, and time, however, the easiest starting point for wannabe game raisers is to target your footsteps.Ways to walk more.

You have several options to track your daily step count. It’s a metric that is the same whenever you are wherever you are. 10000 steps are the universal recommendation so you have ready-made targets to work towards.

it is even better if you can leverage target pairings such as footsteps and timeframe

However, you choose to target your performance, as you get more active you will feel better and can build up your targetted numbers at your own convenience.

Excuse Busters: “I can’t measure my performance” – Even if you cannot measure the distance or your footsteps, you can choose a landmark to walk to. The beauty of raising your game is the minimum you need to do is more than before. You can walk past the landmark next time or walk to it more times.

Walk First Mentality

Your brain is a wonderful tool that manages everything your body does. If you have a routine or a task that you regularly complete, your brain can commit it to your unconscious memory and allowing you to effectively complete it on autopilot. Have you ever been asked to talk somebody through something you do all the time but you struggle to explain it? This is because you are used to doing it but you have stopped thinking about it. This is called unconscious competence and it’s a state we utilize to walk, drive and complete many simple tasks.

In my example, you probably found a way to explain it after a short while because explaining it is something you are consciously competent at. This means you can do it but you have to think about it. So why am I telling you about conscious and unconscious competence?

I want you to shift the traveling part of some of these routines from your unconscious competence to your conscious competence and consider if you can replace what you are already doing. wherever you are going, ask yourself, “can I walk there?” and do “I have time?”

Take the stairs instead of the lift, don’t stand still on escalators, and leave the car at home on short trips.

A survey of 2000 people, completed by Carwow highlighted that 97% of people surveyed use the car for distances they could walk. If you need more motivation, short trips are worse for the wear on your car than long trips.

Hybrid Travel Plans

If it takes you an hour or more to get to work using a vehicle, walk to work may not be an option. However, you are determined to boost your active lifestyle by walking more.

The great news here is that you can park further away from home and work every day or get off the train or bus early. This will give you a great opportunity to complete your journey on foot and get closer to your daily target


Take The Scenic Route

If you already walk to work, school, the supermarket, or anywhere else, a great way to get more active is to change up your route. My local supermarket is about 500 meters away (uphill, just saying), however, I regularly take a less direct route to boost my daily footsteps. By doing this, I can boost my footsteps by about 3000 per trip.

As well as the physical health benefits of a more active lifestyle, taking a less direct route could give you the flexibility to add nature via a lap of a local park or even some woodland, giving the added potential for mental health benefits.

The most simple version of this technique that I can think of is that if I need the bathroom, I will use one on another level of the building (taking the stairs of course).

Walk More While Multi-Tasking

If you don’t need to be sat down don’t. For the majority of my working day, I am tethered to a desk. However, if I take a phone call that does not require me to access my laptop, I will usually take it while pacing back and forth or pop out for the duration of the call. As long as it is safe to do so, you could walk while composing an email on your phone or even hold a walking meeting.

I make no secret of the fact I will even march on the spot while watching Netflix, combining 2 of my favorite activities. watching two 20-minute episodes is enough time for me to get about 7000 of my daily steps in.

Dedicated Daily Walking Times

Clearing a time in your schedule specifically for walking is one of the best ways to boost your active lifestyle by walking. This time should be treated with the sanctity of an important meeting.

Ensure you set a reminder every day, tell everybody you are unavailable at that time, and then prioritize topping your target footsteps.

I finish work at 5 pm and then before I do anything else, I will complete my daily step target. If I have a high target that day or I have not been able to squeeze in any of my hacks earlier in the day, I may be out for as long as 90 minutes, more than enough time to get in 10000 steps in one trip.

No Excuses – Google Can Even Help

Walking regularly is the least complicated way of leading an active lifestyle. However, busy schedules and bad weather are still two of the most common excuses people use for not being adequately active. No matter who you are, there should be something here that you can use to boost your activity.

Once you have a realistic target, to work towards, every challenge you face should be met with a positive attitude.

Instead of thinking “Oh no, now I can’t…” try meeting your barrier with an attitude of “How Can I…?”.

A great example of this is when the weather is awful. Snow, wind, or heat will not stop me from getting out and getting in my footsteps if I have not met my targets. However, there is something about the rain that makes it my least favorite detractor from my determination.

The last time it was raining too heavily, I looked out of the window and chose not to complete my daily walking. I told myself I had been out everyday for over 5 weeks, and missing one day won’t hurt. I regretted my decision, not because I missed the session, but because I made an excuse. If I would have looked on Google, or Youtube I could have found ideas to get my footsteps in without leaving the house.

I currently like Rick Bhuller Fitness on Youtube but he is not the only option out there. You kind several energetic influencers on Youtube who have created an indoor walking workout to music, including this challenge to get all 10000 footsteps in while you are indoors

Why Not Use These Ways To Walk More Yourself.

There you have it, if you want to boost your active lifestyle, all you have to do is set a target, be determined, and follow some of these simple ways to walk more.

If you are interested in using walking or if you already walk to achieve your active lifestyle goals by walking, why not be part of the discussion using the comments below.