• Title: Walking for Weight Loss
  • Author: Jago Holmes
  • Price: $39.97 (about £30)
  • Seller: jagoholmes.com
  • Description: Walking for Weight Loss is an ebook claiming to be a 6-week fat elimination plan.


Who Is Jago Holmes

According to the “About Me” page at jagoholmes.com, He is a personal trainer and weight loss expert in the UK. Everything written on this page indicates that Jago Holmes would be an authority on fitness and nutrition. I am not saying he isn’t an authority but Jago probably wrote that page himself.

However, a quick Google of his name returns several websites that verify the things he says. He is rated as a platinum level expert by ezinearticles.com  for whom he has published almost 100 articles viewed over 135k times and he has written 24 distinct books reviewed on goodreads.com

So now that we trust Mr. Holmes, we can return to his about me page and download the free Riviera Diet book – we’ll call that a bonus.

Verdict: Seems legit, I am sorry I doubted you, Jago.


Walking For Weight Loss – Quality of Information

Jago has been qualified as a personal trainer for over 20 years so it’s safe to say he knows a little more about fitness and the human body than I do. The book is 74 pages and you do not see his proposed 6-week walking schedules until page 61.

Jago covers diet tips, footwear, goal setting, motivation, different walking techniques, safety, and much more so when you look at the walking program you know everything you need to know to leverage walking to achieve your fitness goals.

I thought I knew a lot about walking but while reading this book I learned a lot more without feeling like I was at school, I found it compelling.

I did disagree with Jago on one point he made in the Walking For Weight Loss Book, which is that he does not think it is necessarily important to get some walking poles, however, I think they are great and recommend you have a go.

I am a huge fan of the active living tips and final thoughts at the end of the book. This section is full of handy tips to influence your mindset for fitness and success.

Verdict: Compelling. Even I did not think there was as much to learn about walking as Jago explains.

Walking For Weight Loss – Practicality

Billed as a 6-week program, Walking for Weight Loss actually contains 5 programs with the first 3 programs intended to improve your abilities to move on to the next level, the 4th program is the most intense, and a 5th program is aimed at maintaining your results

With limited exceptions, Walking for Weight Loss has a program for anybody with level 1 being aimed at walkers who are extremely overweight, unfit, or have a medical condition.

Level 1 of the Walking for Weightloss program starts at 5 minutes of walking twice a day, most of the program is at a slower pace on even land but there are a few variations towards the end.

The programs get progressively more difficult and by schedule 4 you will be using all of the techniques taught in the book.

Verdict: Well-structured and easy to understand schedules. Every schedule keeps the activities to inside 1 hour except on Sundays when the program assumes you have little more free time.

Walking For Weight Loss – Disadvantages

The first thing I did not like was the marketing page for this book on the website. I have seen so many unethical marketing tactics that use similar pages to hard sell things I do not need. However, this is a shame because these effective marketing pages can be used by people trying to sell useful products like the Walking for Weight Loss book.

The second thing to consider is that despite this book being full of useful, practical, and good quality information to help you achieve your fitness goals; it is still a book and will not do the work for you.

Verdict: Don’t be put off by the marketing page and remember, Jago will not deliver results – you will, but he is offering some pretty useful tools.

Is It Worth It?

You can guarantee Jago Holmes has paid a lot more for his education than the cost of this eBook. Priced at around £30 on the current exchange rate, Jago has handpicked some great quality knowledge that will help you to walk your way to your fitness goals.

Is it worth it, how much is your health worth?

Verdict: Even as an avid walker myself, I can use some of these tools to raise my walking game, I would recommend Walking for Weighloss to my 60-year-old diabetic mother and my 37-year-old brother who already leads an active life but wants to increase his fitness levels without going to the gym. Pick up your copy at jagoholmes.com.