Walking gets you from A to B at a slow pace, it helps you achieve simple tasks like going to the bathroom and when the sun is shining, walking can take you to the garden. However, your visit to Forty Thousand Footsteps tells me that you know walking has so much more to offer. The great news is, Cancer Research UK also knows how walking for health can achieve so much for your body and they are challenging you to walk all over cancer this March.

Who Are Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK is a charity that exists to raise money for scientists and doctors aiming to beat cancer forever and provide cancer-related awareness to the general public. On the face of it, Cancer Research is a charity who you can donate directly to or you can sign up to help raise funds through activity sponsorship.

Behind the scenes, however, Cancer Research UK is so much more. Although it was only formed in 2002, Cancer Research UK exists on the back of a merger of 2 much older organizations dating as far back as 1902. They own and/or are research partners in facilities, fund community science projects, consult with the UK government regarding health policies, and provide information to the public. Cancer Research UK even hire a Wikipedian in Residence to train Cancer Research scientists to update Wikipedia and to research how people use Wikipedia to get cancer-related information.

It is thanks to the work of charities like Cancer Research UK that allow moments like this one.

What Is Walk All Over Cancer?

Cancer Research UK is challenging people to get active in March by walking 10000 steps every single day. Here is more great news, when you sign up Cancer Research UK will provide you everything you need to raise money for Cancer Research.

Did you know: There has been an upward trend in cancer cases, which scientists are predicting if it continues, will mean 1 in 2 people born since 1960 will get some form of cancer in their lifetime.

Why You Should Walk All Over Cancer

Like most of us in 2020, Cancer Research UK has struggled to keep up with its usual pace. Laboratories have been closed to any none COVID related research, and people have not been able to take part in many of the fundraising activities due to social distancing rules.

By walking your 10000 steps every day in March, you can help Cancer Research UK to get back on track and help Cancer Patients in the UK and around the world.

If that is not enough motivation for you, then how about lowering your own risk of cancer? Being overweight, having increased levels of some hormones, and having potentially harmful substances from food sitting in our stomachs can increase the risk of cancer.

Walking helps to burn fat, helping you to maintain a healthy weight, regulates hormones and it speeds digestion moving any substances out of the colon more quickly.

How Do You Take Part

Formally signing up for this challenge is only available to people in the UK, however, anyone can take part in the challenge for a healthier you. If you cannot sign up to walk all over cancer, all you need to do is make sure you get 10000 steps in every day by being more active, avoid the elevator, leave the car at home or park further away, and set dedicated time every day to get out and boost your steps.

I sit at a desk for a lot of my day so I set aside 90 minutes every day at 5 PM to go out and boost my steps. However, when I take phone calls I tend to pace backward and forwards, I always go to the bathroom upstairs and the other day I had 4000 footsteps by noon without leaving the house.

If you have simple ideas to increase your daily step count, why not share them in the comments below.

If you are a UK resident, Follow the link at the bottom of this page, to Cancer Research UK’s website where you can read all about walk all over cancer. At the bottom of their page, there is a link to a form you can fill in.

And Then What?

For UK residents who have signed up, Cancer Research UK will provide you a fundraising pack fundraising page, access to a Facebook group, and some top fundraising tips to help raise money, as well as walking routes and tips to help you hit your target.

If you are unable to sign up for walk all over cancer you can sign up to raise funds for a Cancer Research charity in your country or perhaps another fantastic cause you believe in.

However you choose to take part, all you will need to do to get the personal health benefits is do it, and ensure you have a way to count your steps every day.

If you are successful, you will have walked the equivalent of about 150 miles. You can give yourself a pat on the back with numbers like that.

Walk All Over Cancer

Go On – Walk All Over Cancer This March

Walking is free, healthy, COVID safe, and now you can use it to raise money for Cancer Research UK or your local equivalent. So why not Walk All Over Cancer this March. To find out more and sign up visit Cancer Research UK – Walk All Over Cancer page.