You have decided you want to be more active. You have learned all about the health benefits of walking and you are raising your game every day. You are starting to feel stronger, more energetic, and even happier. You are enthusiastic about getting out every day and achieving your next milestone. Nothing is going to stop you complete your routine until you look out of the window and you see whichever horrible weather pattern you like the least. You are worried only for a second before a knowing smile crosses your face, You know that you can get the best of both worlds, 10000 steps without facing the weather. I am going to look at some of your bad weather workout options and letting you know which YouTube channels are offering the best indoor walking videos.

The Best Indoor Walking Videos

Is It Better To Walk Indoors

As with anything, there are pros and cons to indoor walking. I much prefer to be out in nature and utilizing uneven ground. However, if going outdoors is not a desirable option because of the usual suspects; weather, and pandemics, then getting your footsteps up in a safe, warm and comfortable place seems like a good idea.

So get your walking gear on (or stay in your pajamas if you want) and lace up your walking shoes (or fuzzy slippers). You don’t need a mask, warm clothes or to plan a route. You just need you and a space big enough to step two large steps in each direction.

Got it? Come on then, let’s take a look.

The Best Indoor Walking Videos

I have checked out some of the easiest channels to find on Youtube and reviewed the range of content. I have also taken a closer look at the most popular walking workout video from each content creator to assess how I think it steps up as a substitute for going outside and walking the old-fashioned way.

Youtube for The Best Indoor Walking Videos

Get Fit With Rick

Rick Bhullar Fitness has been my go-to for a few weeks. In fact, yesterday I used Rick’s fast walking 5000 footstep workout to raise my heart rate and top up my daily step count.Rick Bhullar Fitness Indoor Walking Videos

Rick’s channel includes mostly low-impact indoor workouts, and a few more difficult ones too. What we are interested in though is the walking workout videos on offer. The channel has a great range of walking videos aiming to get anywhere between 1000 and 10000 steps to a variety of different music tastes.

Rick’s most popular video is the one I did yesterday and offers a way to get 5000 steps in 36 minutes.

Difficulty Level

Physically, Rick does not ask you to do anything overly strenuous, it is a walking workout that optimizes full-body movement. That said, Rick does a few dance-like moves that, if you try to copy him, it’s easy to lose your coordination. Do not worry if you don’t feel like your movement is not as slick as Rick, as long as you try to copy him and keep the pace and movement going, you will get the benefits.

Does It Work

Rick has delivered a workout that will get your heart rate up while being easy enough to maintain over the course of 36 minutes. I finished the workout on 4988 steps so it’s pretty much exactly what it says on the tin.

Rick is for you if you would like a variety of options whilst still sticking to walking workouts. The channel comes up in the first few results on practically every YouTube search I entered so even if you don’t subscribe, it will be easy to keep up with Rick. However, if you like Rick, please do subscribe to his channel and like his walking workout videos so he knows he should keep delivering great walking workout content.

Joanna Soh Official

Joanna Soh Indoor Walking Videos

Joanna’s channel is not strictly for walking workouts, but she does have at least two. Joanna has provided a range of workout and nutrition videos for losing weight and getting in shape. With workouts for teens, post-pregnancy workouts, and even self-defense videos, it seems a little odd that I am including Joanna on this list at all. However, I have my reasons.

I want to provide you with a varied range of options. Joanna does have at least 2 walking workout videos and her most popular one, is a 10000 step indoor challenge that is returned for several of my YouTube searches and I have also tried this one.

Difficulty Level

Joanna’s workouts are all a bit high intensity and her walking workouts are no different. Joanna keeps a fast pace and full-body movement throughout the 10000 steps challenge which may make it difficult for people who are unfit to maintain the intensity. However, I thoroughly enjoyed her videos and the workout.

Does It Work

The title of the video is a little misleading and I should have known that 32 minutes was not enough time to get 10000 steps in without it being ridiculously fast-paced. However, she should be a good value for about 3000.

Joanna is for you if are interested in healthy eating and a broad variety of workouts while prioritizing low-impact routines. If this sounds like you, then why not give her a like and subscribe to her channel. Joanna also has an app that you can download. I downloaded the app and began filling in my metrics but was unable to complete it due to a bad gateway error.

Up To The Beat

Gina B Indoor Walking Videos

Another one of my favorite bad weather workout heroes is Gina B from `Up to the BEat`. Gina B’s channel features a bit more diversity than Rick’s while still clearly prioritizing walking as a go-to fitness option. All of Gina B’s content is energetic and charismatic but her walking videos are definitely her most popular option.

All of Gina B’s 10 most popular videos are walking workouts including HIIT walking, Walk `N` Tone, and varied music-themed walkouts including Disney and Country Music. However, I am so happy that Up to the BEat’s number one most popular video is her 1-mile Abba walk. (She even gives us permission to sing along.)

Difficulty Level

One Mile in under 15 minutes is the equivalent of walking at 4 mph which is considered brisk and should be enough to get most of you into your optimal fat-burning heart rate zone. Throw in the full-body movement and you got yourself a level of intensity that will really smash home the health benefits.

Does It Work

15 minutes is more than enough time to get the 2000 steps in that 1 mile of walking achieves. The full-body movement is fantastic to boost your heart rate, especially if the rest of your daily step count has been mostly at a less intense pace.

Up to the BEat is for you if you like bright, bubbly energy and you are looking for a wide and varied range of indoor walking workout options. Go ahead and like and subscribe to follow Gina B’s fun indoor walking routines.

Walk At HomeLeslie Sansone Indoor Walking Videos

The final walking workout channel I am going to include on my list Walk at Home by Leslie Sansone. This channel is slightly different from the others I have included, in that it is exclusively dedicated to walking at home (obviously). I can’t put my finger on why, but the videos on this channel remind me of the old 1980’s fitness videos on VHS.

Whether you are searching for HIIT workouts, walking distances, walking timeframes, or walking to burn fat, you will find something here on Leslie’s channel. If you are searching for a 1-mile happy walk, you will find Walk at Home’s most popular video.

Difficulty Level

The 1-mile happy walk is the slowest pace and least intense of all of the walking workout videos I have looked at in this post. All of the moves are easy to do and they seem to promote simplicity as their USP.

Does It Work?

The video has an interruption about 10 minutes in, they have created a better version of the video and provided a link but the broken version is still their most viewed. Similar to Gina B’s Abba walk, this video offers a realistic one mile in 15 minutes, equating to about 2000 of your daily steps.

Walk at Home is for you if you want a range of walking workouts including some of the lowest intensity. You can subscribe to Walk at Home and you can download the walk at home app if you want to really make it your go-to channel.

Find The Best Indoor Walking Videos For You

Whether you are looking to get all 10000 steps in one go or to make up the difference, whoever you choose to help with your routine, think about your target and pick a video that will move you closer. If you struggle to keep up, try a less intense routine and work up to your target.

Do you agree with my choices, or maybe you have unearthed some treasures of your own? Why not be part of the discussion and tell us which walking workouts you think are the best indoor walking videos in the comments below.