When I started sharing my walking for health journey with you, even I was amazed by some of the health benefits I discovered. You can walk for better mental health, walk to lose weight, lower cholesterol, and even aid digestion. However, I had not really given much thought to the fact walking is also a fantastic tool to help the world beat type-2 diabetes. To beat diabetes, we have to become stronger than diabetes, we have to know the enemy and we have to know who are our allies.

Meet Raj Gadhvi

When I learned of the potential of the weapon that is walking, I reached out to an old friend and diabetes expert; Rajiv Gadhvi.

Meet Rajiv Gadhvi (MPharm)

“I am a Pharmacist in the UK and a health coach. I have been practicing for 9 years and I specialize in Type-2 Diabetes” 

A seemingly modest introduction from Raj who is the first pharmacist I have met that is committed to helping people so they might never need his pharmaceutical services. Raj is also the founder of ‘Online Wellness Academy’, a powerful self-transformation + personal development education, training & coaching platform where he strives to help people reconstruct their 4 pillars of wellness: Healthset, Mindset, Soulset, and Heartset. You can read more about Raj and his online training at www.rajivgadhvi.comAs an added bonus, if you visit his website you can get a free ebook to help you boost your immune system and defend yourself better against the common cold, the flu, or even COVID-19.

What Is Type-2 Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition that causes too much glucose in the blood because the pancreas cannot produce sufficient insulin to break the glucose down. While there are a few variations of diabetes, type-2 is by far the most common. About 90% of people diagnosed with diabetes in the UK fall into the type-2 category.

In one context this might actually be good news as type-2 diabetes is a chronic condition caused by lifestyle. Or in Raj’s words

Stronger than diabetes

“People often blame genetics or ethnicity for causing the onset of type-2 diabetes, however, while these aspects are beyond our control, they are merely loading the gun, by managing our lifestyles correctly, we can still make sure we don’t pull the trigger”

According to a paper published at diabetes.org.uk, Diabetes is costing the NHS £10 Billion each year and that’s just in the UK. If 90% of all diabetic patients could be removed by making simple lifestyle choices, then surely that means we can ease the burden on our heroes in the NHS and put that money somewhere else. Perhaps if some of that £10 Billion was freed up, it could be used for research to find cures for any of the rarer forms of diabetes.

Raj’s Mission

I asked Raj why he was so passionate about helping people without medication.

“Why I’m so passionate about this whole thing?

As a pharmacist, I prescribe medication to people to help them manage their health. However, I find myself trying to make sense of why so many of my patients are becoming medication dependant 

The patients who are being diagnosed with long-term health conditions seem to be getting younger and younger every day. These patients have other options and I never understood why they were not doing anything to help their conditions.

The NHS here in the UK are doing a fantastic job, however, with limited resource, GP’s are limited to spending about 7 minutes with each patient. With barely enough time to diagnose and prescribe, doctors rarely have a chance to really educate patients on living with their condition. Patients are not learning how their behaviors might be making the condition worse and how changing their behaviors can make it better. In time, this lack of an understanding can often compound and lead to multiple long-term conditions that require a cocktail of medication.

My research brought my attention to a study that highlights the importance of health coaching and disease & medication management. From there it became my mission to bridge the gap between the GP and the actionable steps you can take to improve and maintain your health.

That’s when the Triple E Method was born.

Triple E Method

“I created a coaching program for people with ongoing and newly diagnosed health conditions to help people be the healthiest versions of themselves.”


“Our mind-body connection ensures a healthy mind means a healthier body. By helping to remove clients’ limiting beliefs and finding the root cause of the problem, I pave the way to create new behaviors for a healthier body”


“Education builds competency. I educate clients on their health conditions according to up-to-date guidelines and my knowledge as a pharmacist. Better education means clients are much more aware of the steps they can take to achieve a healthier outcome. As well as providing patients with information tailored to their personal health needs, I also equip patients with tools and techniques to create a healthy mindset and overcome obstacles.”


“If education delivers opportunity, then execution will deliver the results. Knowledge truly becomes power when you take action. In the execution phase, clients are given an action plan to propel them towards their health goals. With a plan in place to execute the new behaviors, my clients are ready to take action and be held accountable for their own results.

I have been using the Triple E Method with my type-2 diabetes patients and have seen some great benefits. I work with GPs in my local area and have become to go-to coach for people living with type-2 diabetes.”

Is Raj Stronger Than Diabetes?

I am sure Raj is too modest to claim that he is stronger than diabetes, however, he has had some success in his war on type-2.

“I have managed to help over 50 of my patients reverse their type-2 diabetes”

That is amazing news for anyone with or at risk of type-2 diabetes. I have even more great news for you. Raj has agreed to help me create content aimed at people who are walking for health while preventing the onset of type-2 diabetes and for people who are living with and trying to reverse the condition.

Watch this space for more from Raj.