Easy Weight Loss MethodsDid you know that 26% of all men and 29% of all women in the UK are considered obese? That is according to the latest NHS data available. The same data also indicates that 41% of men and 31% of women are considered overweight. The World Health Organization claims that Obesity has trebled between 1975 and 2016, with most of the world’s population living in countries where being overweight or obese kills more people than underweight. It’s no surprise then, that weight loss is the most common health goal. In today’s article, I take a look at some easy weight loss methods while keeping in mind the number-one principle for weight loss:

Your Body Must Consume Fewer Calories Than It Burns.

The NHS report from 2020 states that only 67% of people are considered active by government guidelines. It is true this data relates to 2018 and 2019, however, I don’t think the Yo-Yo lockdowns of 2020 will have done much to improve these figures (pun intended).

What Are Easy Weight Loss Methods?

Depending on the context, losing weight can be very simple or very difficult. Success in anything is about objective knowledge and subjective application. What do I mean by this?

As soon as you have decided to lose weight, you decide how you are going to lose weight. You can learn about how many calories are in your favorite foods, you can learn which exercises work which muscle groups, and you can look up expert advice on the internet. This is what I mean by objective knowledge, it is just the data you will need.

The subjective application relates to taking action, using the data you have available to achieve results.

Maybe you have learned all there is to know about weight loss, that bit was easy. However, what you find difficult is the application. Maybe you lack energy after work, maybe your schedule is so packed or maybe you’re overcoming an injury so you are not as mobile as you would like to be.

Or, maybe you find the action bit easy, but you don’t know about calories, diet options, or exercises.

When I am talking about easy weight loss methods, I am referring to methods that should be logistically simple to fit into your day and will provide tangible benefits. There are minimal barriers to entry (if any), however, it is what you make of it. If you put in more effort, you will get more out.

And remember game raisers, this is about adding things, not replacing things. If you focus a little bit more on all of these areas, you will not feel like it is disrupting your life, yet you can still achieve results

Raise Your Walking Game

You are fully aware that exercise is a great weapon for would be weight loss lovers. That detail is not in dispute. If you visit my website regularly you will also be aware that walking is an amazing form of exercise.

The government guidelines for an active lifestyle recommend at least 150 minutes of light cardio activities per week or 75 minutes of higher intensity cardio. If you don’t feel up to five 30-minute brisk walks, then you can look at the positive side, you have a ready-made target to work towards.

If you already surpass the UK government’s activity target, you are doing great, keep finding ways to raise your game.

Take every opportunity to boost your step counts. Leave the car at home or park further away, take the stairs instead of the lift or walk the dog more. Additionally, walking faster, walking uphill, and adding walking poles to your walk are all great options for increasing the muscles in use thus increasing your body’s calorie burn rate.

You can read more about how walking for weight loss works in my recent article.

Why not try this 30-minute walking workout video before your morning shower or after work.

Yoga – May The Force Be With You

The government guidelines say you should complete strength and balance activities at least twice a week. Yoga is great for improving muscle strength, among other things.

If you are thinking of the little alien with magical powers you are way off. If you are thinking about standing on one leg with the other behind your head and your toe in your ear, you’re still a little way out. There are plenty of beginner yoga workouts on YouTube containing realistic poses for lower levels of ability.

Yoga has several health benefits, however today we are looking at weight loss. While the calories burned during a yoga session may not seem significant, yoga gently stretches the muscles to the point of stress which causes some of your muscle fibers to tear and repair stronger. Your stronger muscles require a little bit more energy each day so your calorie burn rate will be higher.

Let me explain another way

I want you to imagine you have a printer and a cupboard for paper. You have recurring monthly orders for 50 reams of paper and they fit perfectly into your cupboard. The printer is continually printing important documents and by the end of the month, it has worked through 40 reams of paper. When the new delivery arrives, you replace the 40 reams in the cupboard but you have to find space on the outside for the 10 extra reams. If you continue this way then by next month you will have another surplus of 10 reams to store outside of the cupboard. In this example, the printer is your muscles, the paper is your energy (food).

You could order less paper (eat less), or you can have the printer use more (more movement. Unfortunately, you are printing at maximum capacity and 50 reams are the minimum order. If you upgrade the printer it could print more than one document at a time and it will use more paper. Upgrade your muscles – burn more calories.

Dietary Tweaks Over Diet Plans

Your motivation to maintain a plan that causes discomfort is often called willpower. I prefer to keep calling it motivation because that gives you leverage to make tweaks to make it easier and remove some (or all) of the discomfort. 

To put it another way, if you see someone with impressive muscles lifting 30kg and you would like similar muscles, you don’t just go and lift 30kg. It’s the same with your diet. If you look at the diet of a person much fitter and healthier than you but they don’t eat the foods you enjoy, you will increase the probability of failure by copying their diet.

Instead, try switching out items one at a time. You can start replacing crisps and sweets with pieces of fruit, implement a rule that a third of your plate needs to be vegetables, and replace wine night with gin and slimline tonic night.

Switching over to a diet of broccoli, beans, and rice yields better results but most healthy diets contain a lot of fiber. Increasing the fiber in your diet will take a little getting used to and too much haste may lead to temporary bloating and digestive discomfort. More discomfort is bad news, especially if you are already missing your favorite treat food.

Making small changes one at a time will provide cumulative benefits while allowing you to create lasting healthy habits.

Get Professional Support

If money was not an issue, you could just hire a personal trainer and nutritionist to support you. The great news is, in a world of connectivity, these same experts create apps and write books that you can access for a fraction of the cost.

Having someone with a qualification tell us everything we need to do to achieve success is invaluable. If you are reading this waiting for me to talk more about free stuff, I am going to offer you two pieces of advice…

  1. When it comes to your health you should not worry about spending 50 on a book or 5 a month on a subscription when you are spending money on junk food, alcohol, Netflix, etc.
  2. You don’t need to spend money on an app if you download the NHS Weight Loss app.

For my overseas readers, the NHS is the National Health Service in the UK. As far as I can see there is no reason you can’t use this if you are not a UK resident. (if you reside outside of the UK and you try to download this app, please let me know if you are successful in the comments)

The app is free and will ask you about your activity level, weight, height, your age, and your ethnicity before calculating your daily calorie targets. You can then follow a 12-week plan logging your progress while getting guidance from medical professionals

Easy Weight Loss Methods Need You

Walking is a form of exercise available to all, yoga is quick and easy to access, gradual dietary changes will create minimal disruption and you can get instant access to professional support absolutely free.

All it needs is you. You don’t have to obsessively count calories or workout like a maniac to lose weight. My advice is to make smaller positive changes to your lifestyle based on both exercise and nutrition. Allow these behaviors to assimilate into your unconscious habits before you make the next changes will reprogram your mindset for sustainable success.

In the beginning, you can prioritize just exercise or just nutrition but you need to pay attention to both. If you raise your exercise goals but don’t pay attention to your food, you may get hungry and eat more slowing your progress. The same being said of your diet, reducing your food consumption may affect your energy levels at first so you need to ensure you are at least maintaining your existing activity levels.

If you are looking to lose weight, you have achieved weight loss using the methods listed or you have your own free and easy ideas, please be part of the discussion in the comments below