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Walks Near Me – Ideas To Find Your Walking Route

If you are walking for health benefits such as weight loss or better mental wellbeing, sometimes it is ok for you to just step out and pound the pavement for an hour or so and see where it takes you. However, if you decide to plan a route, you will not only be setting a […]

Winter Walking – Fitness Goals, Whatever The Weather

Walking for fitness is usually smooth sailing in the summer when the weather is nice, but come the winter weather, motivation does not come so easily. Today I am going to take a look at winter walking and other ways to stay on track for your fitness goals until the sun comes back. What Is […]

Introducing RILIIT – A Walking Interval Workout

If you are reading this page, you are probably interested in improving your mental health, your physical health, or your physical fitness. You have probably also been sold on the idea that walking is a great low impact workout, but have you heard of RILIIT? In this article, I will be taking a look at […]

Walking To Workout – How Good Is It Really?

Walking can aid digestion, help prevent diabetes, improve heart health and make us feel better mentally so there is no denying that there is plenty of benefits to putting on a pair of walking shoes and heading out, but what about if we are walking to workout? When it comes to fitness, how good can […]

Walking For Health – Nanaimo’s Walk On Winter Wellness Challenge

In my recent article about dealing with setbacks, I mentioned that I had missed a day of walking because of the weather and that I was determined not to miss another walking for health session despite the weather not looking like it was going to get any better. Well, you will be pleased to know […]

Walking For Weight Loss – By Jago Holmes

Title: Walking for Weight Loss Author: Jago Holmes Price: $39.97 (about £30) Seller: Description: Walking for Weight Loss is an ebook claiming to be a 6-week fat elimination plan.   Who Is Jago Holmes According to the “About Me” page at, He is a personal trainer and weight loss expert in the UK. […]

Walking for Fitness – Dealing with Setbacks

like any fitness regimen, walking for fitness comes with the potential for setbacks, how we respond to those setbacks, can be the difference between success and failure. Like most people in 2020, I experienced a large culture change. I visited Mexico with my partner in February, then by March the world was upside down, and […]

Walking For Health – Does It Work?

If you have read any of my other posts then you already know that I am going to say yes. We can get many of the health benefits of regular exercise by tweaking our routine to optimize walking. I am going to tell you about some of these amazing health benefits and explain how we […]

Garmin Vivoactive 3 Review – Watch Watch

Ahoy game raisers, today I want to tell you about the Garmin Vivoactive 3. It’s no secret that I rely on this watch for all my health activity tracking and I can in good conscience, recommend it to you if you are also raising your game. I am going to take an in-depth look into […]

Benefits Of Using Walking Poles – Are They Worth It?

We have all seen walkers, ramblers, and hikers enjoying the countryside with a couple of poles (not to be confused with people from Poland who may or may not also be out walking) but do we know what they are for. In this post, I will be reviewing the benefits of using walking poles. I […]