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Walking And Mental Health – 7 Reasons To Walk For Your Mind

Exercise is crucial for optimal physical health. However, our hectic work routine has made it almost impossible to take some time for regular physical activity. Frequent exercise helps to improve our physical health, but it also plays an important role in regulating our mental health. When it comes to walking and mental health, there are […]

How To Make Walking Fun – Top Tips To Motivate You

If you are reading this then you have probably found my page because, like me, you know at least some of the magical benefits of walking for health. I started because I’ve used walking to get healthy and happy before and I want to stay healthy and happy even when life gets hard. I […]

The Best Indoor Walking Videos – Your Bad Weather Workout Options

You have decided you want to be more active. You have learned all about the health benefits of walking and you are raising your game every day. You are starting to feel stronger, more energetic, and even happier. You are enthusiastic about getting out every day and achieving your next milestone. Nothing is going to […]

Ways To Walk More – Boost Your Active Lifestyle

Two decades of revolution have changed the game for workplaces, homes, and schools. Computers, smartphones, tablets, computer games, the internet, on-demand viewing, and social networks have all played a huge part in connecting the world and making so many tasks, physically simple. There are obvious benefits to this revolution, however, the major drawback is that […]

Health Benefits Of Nordic Walking – Is It Just Walking Walking With Sticks?

By now, you are aware of all of the magical health benefits of getting up and getting active by walking every day. So in the spirit of a varied workout routine, I am going to take a look at some of the Health Benefits of Nordic Walking. What Is Nordic Walking Nordic walking is a […]

Walks Near Me – Ideas To Find Your Walking Route

If you are walking for health benefits such as weight loss or better mental wellbeing, sometimes it is ok for you to just step out and pound the pavement for an hour or so and see where it takes you. However, if you decide to plan a route, you will not only be setting a […]

Winter Walking – Fitness Goals, Whatever The Weather

Walking for fitness is usually smooth sailing in the summer when the weather is nice, but come the winter weather, motivation does not come so easily. Today I am going to take a look at winter walking and other ways to stay on track for your fitness goals until the sun comes back. What Is […]

How To Walk For Mental Health – 7 Ways To Hack Your Health Walk

If you read my earlier article, you will already be aware that walking is good for your mental health but do you know how to walk for mental health? Much like with physical health, there are ways we can hack our daily walking to really supercharge those benefits. If your goal is to walk for […]

Walking For Health – Nanaimo’s Walk On Winter Wellness Challenge

In my recent article about dealing with setbacks, I mentioned that I had missed a day of walking because of the weather and that I was determined not to miss another walking for health session despite the weather not looking like it was going to get any better. Well, you will be pleased to know […]

Walking For Health – Does It Work?

If you have read any of my other posts then you already know that I am going to say yes. We can get many of the health benefits of regular exercise by tweaking our routine to optimize walking. I am going to tell you about some of these amazing health benefits and explain how we […]