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Aerobic Metabolism – Your Energy Explained

Your metabolism, in short, is responsible for turning available energy sources into usable fuel to enable movement, exercise, and general bodily functions. Without enough energy, not only will we struggle to perform basic activities, our organs could begin to operate sub optimally resulting in rather dangerous health complications. Therefore, your metabolism is obviously super important […]

Stepbet – Can I Monetise My Footsteps?

I have been taking some time for myself since being made redundant in October, however, with no desire to blow through all of my savings, I need to consider making money. Realistically, I knew I would have to look at getting a job soon but I also recently looked at ways I could make money by […]

The Best Time To Walk – Sleepwalking Not Included

When is the best time to walk? Well, that depends on where you are and what you need but I can confidently say there is not a bad time to walk. Depending on how much time I have and the distance I am faced with, I will always look at walking as my first option […]

Walking Is Better Than… – Is It Really?

I love walking, I always have. However, now I have the greatest love and respect I ever had for walking because I care a whole lot more about my health than I did when I was young and invincible. I wholeheartedly believe that walking is better than so many things. This statement is obviously contextual, […]

Walking And Mental Health – 7 Reasons To Walk For Your Mind

Exercise is crucial for optimal physical health. However, our hectic work routine has made it almost impossible to take some time for regular physical activity. Frequent exercise helps to improve our physical health, but it also plays an important role in regulating our mental health. When it comes to walking and mental health, there are […]

The Best Exercise To Burn Fat

The Best Exercise To Burn Fat – Forty Thousand Footsteps Asks TeamRH

Walking for health is about feeling good physically and mentally. However, for a lot of people, (including me) this involves shedding a few pounds. While I am cautious about weight loss as a metric because of all of the reasons somebody’s weight might change, burning fat usually results in weight loss even if it is […]

Tired After Lunch – You Are Not Alone

Most, if not all of you will be familiar with a dip in energy that sometimes attacks after mealtimes. Maybe some of you experience it more regularly than others but based on both conversations I have had with real people and the science I have researched online, feeling tired after lunch is a normal thing […]

How Many Calories Do You Burn Walking – And How Do You Know?

You all know about the magic of walking and its potential as a form of exercise, of course, you do, or you would not be here. With little disruption, you can walk to sustain an elevated heart rate and literally feel the benefits of better mental health and more day-to-day physical energy. Both of these […]

Reduce The Risk Of Diabetes

Reduce The Risk Of Diabetes – Walk Away From Type-2

Prior to launching Forty Thousand Footsteps, I had not really considered my own risk of diabetes, let alone how anybody else who is more at risk, might deal with it. However, during my research relating to walking as an aid to digestive health, I stumbled upon a few studies that turned my head. I decided […]

Healthy Walking Tips

Healthy Walking Tips – My 5 Best Tips For A Healthier Walk

Walking for health is about more than just lacing up your comfy footwear and strolling around without a care in the world. In fact, I love walking because sometimes I can stroll around without a care in the world but I wouldn’t get all of the health benefits if that was all  I did. While you […]