Walking Heart Rate – The Key To A Healthier You?

The main difference between walking as movement and walking as exercise is your walking heart rate. If your heart rate is below 50% of your maximum beats per minute, this is classed as movement and while it does have some health benefits, moving through your heart rate zones will really maximize your walk. In this […]

Stronger Than Diabetes – Meet Rajiv Gadhvi

When I started sharing my walking for health journey with you, even I was amazed by some of the health benefits I discovered. You can walk for better mental health, walk to lose weight, lower cholesterol, and even aid digestion. However, I had not really given much thought to the fact walking is also a […]

Sweatcoin Is A Scam – Or Is It?

What is the best reward you can get by raising your walking game? Obviously, the answer is better health or a slimmer waist. However, what if I told you there is an app out there, that rewards people for logging your footsteps? You might say it seems too good to be true. Sweatcoin is a […]

Easy Weight Loss Methods – Achieve Your Goals The Easy Way

Did you know that 26% of all men and 29% of all women in the UK are considered obese? That is according to the latest NHS data available. The same data also indicates that 41% of men and 31% of women are considered overweight. The World Health Organization claims that Obesity has trebled between 1975 […]

Walking For Weight Loss – It Works, Here Is Why

While I am not a fan of using weight as a primary metric for health, it is a leverageable metric that can indicate how we are performing when attempting to get healthier and or slimmer. So if you are looking to burn a bit of excess body fat and walking is your go-to, This article […]

How To Make Walking Fun – Top Tips To Motivate You

If you are reading this then you have probably found my page because, like me, you know at least some of the magical benefits of walking for health. I started fortythousandfootsteps.com because I’ve used walking to get healthy and happy before and I want to stay healthy and happy even when life gets hard. I […]

Fat Burn Vs Cardio – Know Which One You Should Choose

Whether you are six weeks, six months, or six years into your walking for health journey, you have more energy and you feel better. Raising your walking game has been relatively easy, by doing a little bit more every day you have become accustomed to a more active lifestyle. However, understanding the settings on your […]

Fast Or Slow Walking – Which Walking Is Best For Visceral Fat Loss

When it comes to exercise, some of you will be walking for mental health, some for better heart health, and some of you just to feel more active. However, I can be pretty confident a lot for you are looking for an effective way to shrink your belly. Whether you are aiming for visceral fat […]

The Best Indoor Walking Videos – Your Bad Weather Workout Options

You have decided you want to be more active. You have learned all about the health benefits of walking and you are raising your game every day. You are starting to feel stronger, more energetic, and even happier. You are enthusiastic about getting out every day and achieving your next milestone. Nothing is going to […]

Ways To Walk More – Boost Your Active Lifestyle

Two decades of revolution have changed the game for workplaces, homes, and schools. Computers, smartphones, tablets, computer games, the internet, on-demand viewing, and social networks have all played a huge part in connecting the world and making so many tasks, physically simple. There are obvious benefits to this revolution, however, the major drawback is that […]